Double Chin Treatment

Double Chin Treatment

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People want to feel confident knowing that they are presenting the best version of themselves to the world. Taking proper care of your face says a lot about you and creates an impression with people who are meeting you for the first time. A double chin can cause one to be self-conscious, but it is something that can also be easily managed and reduced.

A double chin is a common condition that occurs when a layer of fat forms below your chin. This can be caused from weight gain, genetics, looser skin around the chin, or it can result from the effects of aging. You do not have to be overweight to suffer from a double chin.

Our treatment for a double chin is a simple injection that quickly works to reverse the effects of this condition. Once our product is injected into the area, it immediately starts to loosen and reduce the amount of stored fat under the chin. Then, hyaluronic-acid and peptide-based technology allow the fat to exit the area, while also hardening the skin. The peptides within this formula allow for the increased production of collagen, which allows the skin to become more elastic, and look supple and firm against the body.


It is recommended that you complete two treatments over the course of two weeks to see a complete reduction of your double chin.

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